SpeedChain - Testimonials

SpeedChain products are using athletes all over the world. They are being used at the US Olympic Training Center in California. The Japanese MLB team and leading tennis players are using them. And in golf, where this phenomenon originated, it is being used by top PGA tour players and long drive competitors including Scott Smith, who at one time held the record for the longest drive in competition at 539 yards.

I come from Czech republic. I am a former tennis player, tennis coach in club TK AGROFERT Prostejov at this moment. I played some qualification on ATP challengers when I was a junior and I have to say from player's view that the speed of my serve and my groundstrokes was the biggest problem with...more »

V současné době mi je 21 let (ročník 1994). Od 5 do 14 let jsem hrál hokej a od svých 6 let jsem začal s tenisem, který hraji dodnes. Do svých 14 let jsem se věnoval oběma sportům, pak jsem se ale rozhodl věnovat pouze tenisu. Díky tomu, že tenisu jsem se začal věnovat více až od svých 14 let...more »

Professional table tennis player, 1st French League (PRO A), former player of Czech National Table Tennis Team, WR: 275. I tested SpeedChain and Torso Burner during summer camp within the training for speed and swing speed. I trained with both products five days, after which there has been...more »