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What are SpeedChains?

SpeedChains are the world’s fastest speed training aids! SpeedChain training increases your swing speed (and more)!

Do you want add some km/h to your serve speed? Are you a golfer with a pretty good golf swing that is frustrated by a lack of distance and high scores? Do you want to move faster on the sports fields? Train as an elite athletes. Train fast, be quick! Train with the SpeedChain!

While other programs are great for building strength, they aren’t quite so good in developing speed. Our brand of SpeedChain will have you working harder, faster and developed the fast twitch muscles that increase your performance in any athletic activity that you choose to do.


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Presenting the latest technology in physical training! Increase your swing speed, move faster, execute better, get stronger!


Speed is the differentiator on today’s playing field. As professional sports become more and more competitive, athletes must train and improve their skills continually if they want to stay in the game. In fact, athletes at all levels must spend many hours each week in training in order to remain competitive. As the level of competition has grown, simply spending time “in the gym” or “exercising” is no longer sufficient for an athlete to remain competitive. Instead, experts insist that athletes must focus on exercising “smarter and more efficiently” instead of just “more.”

Answer is SpeedChain

  • Eliminates deceleration when changing direction.
  • Progressive and individual resistance of the same, opposite pressure in dynamic motion.
  • Resistance adjusts to the individual without changing training aid.
  • Supervision is not necessary, the weights never drop.


YouTube video SpeedChain
SpeedChain a Torso Burner

The SpeedChain products develops Speed, Agility, Explosive Power, Muscle Endurance, Muscle Coordination, Fast twitch arm/shoulder/leg muscle firing, Quick Reaction Time.

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